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Getting a Thai Licence Is Easier Than You Think

If you have an existing licence from your home country, you can have it converted into a valid Thai driver’s licence; the process is rather straightforward. The first thing you’ll need is a medical certificate which can be obtained from any hospital or clinic. The doctor will perform a basic physical exam and ask about any medications or restrictions you have in regard to your ability to drive. Then, they’ll sign the document, and you’re good to go. Thai Mobile Number +66 95-932-5608 (English Speaking) or text me on ( LINE ID thailandlife50 )

The next thing you’ll need is a residency certificate from the local immigration office. This typically requires a lease in hand, and the process can take weeks. (But we can sort this in 24 hours for you). Because of this, it’s recommended that you use a visa agent to help get your residency certificate. For a reasonable fee of around (£35 GBP, they’ll get you a residency certificate the next day with almost no paperwork and no lease.

With your residency certificate, medical certificate, and driver’s licence from your home country in hand, head down to the local land transport office. For a fee of around (£20 GBP/ $25 USD), they will convert your home driver’s licence into a Thai driver’s licence.

Your new Thai licence will be printed the same day, and you can walk out the door and use it anywhere in Thailand. A Thai driver’s licence also has other benefits: for instance, you can use it to board domestic airline flights within Thailand without having to show your passport. You can also attempt to use it as a way to show you’re a bit more than a tourist, and sometimes, you’ll get the local price when entering an attraction that has a higher price for foreigners.

We make it EASY for you to get Thai driving license

  • We will help you get the residence certificate
  • Get you an appointment
  • Get you registered
  • Meet you at the Department if Land transport
  • Guide you through the different steps
    Please noted : CANNOT get a driver’s license via LINE. NEED to go to the Land Transport Office, can’t just send the picture via LINE to get Thai driving license
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Thai driving license

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